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Monday, March 14, 2022

National JUMP RQ-JA100 & RX-SA200

National Jump 
~~ RX-SA200 & RQ-JA100 ~~
National Jump
Jump Flagship Highlights
An extensive lineup that can be selected by color or function. 
      •   Cassette case size.
      •   All metal lightweight body.
      •   Unique Flat Rechargeable battery.
      •   Amorphous Head
      •   High-quality stereo earphones with a direct port mechanism.
      •   FM/AM/TV 1~12 Ch multiplex sound.

Few words about National's flagships Jump Cassette Players
The Jump RX-SA200 and his little brother RQ-JA100 (1986) are National's pinnacle cassette players sold exclusively in Japan. They are unique compared to other National players, mainly because they were built as sleek and fashionable, attractive players with sophistication in mind. This achievement reflects the rivalry between National (Panasonic) and Sony brands.

These two models are a follow-up to National's RX-S40 (1984) telescopic slide concept pioneered by Sony's WM20/10 in 1983. However, these two Hi-End Jump models are the first players to use a unique flat battery. And an amorphous head that was relatively small to reduce excess space. These players are superior to the Sony WM20/10, WM30, and even the updated WM101/WM-F101 in many areas such as Power output, Size & Weight, and sophistication.

The RQ-JA100 is a plain cassette player. The RX-SA200 is a cassette player with a tuner. They are very efficient in power consumption and play even longer; with 4 hours of speed-charging time, you will get 5.5 hours of use. You will get even more time combined with the battery pack and battery adaptor for 14 hours of listening enjoyment.

Intelligent and sophistication

National Jump RX-SA200 & RQ-JA100 Amorphous Head
National did put A lot of thought into those players to be as perfect and intelligent as possible. For example, the slide-out cassette compartment (see bottom picture) has a lock that pops up whenever you want to insert a cassette. Doing so hides the projecting parts and controls from accidental damage unless you close the door compartment; it won't engage. Also, the open/eject switch will stop and eject the cassette simultaneously for a quick cassette change. Other highlights are that the head is housed in a metal frame to protect its azimuth alignment, and the head housing also serves as a tape guide. Moreover, the azimuth screw is always visible even if the cassette door is locked.
National Jump RX-SA200 & RQ-JA100 Telescope Slide
Telescopic Slide Function, Azimuth hole above the Jump logo (Pic: RX-SA200)
Left: JUMP RX-SA200 Lock mechanism that pops up

Jump's one-hand convenient operation buttons & Switches on top

More Sophistication
Besides those hardware features, there are a few electronic features. For example, to prevent battery drainage, you'll need to plug in the earphones for the players to work. Also, the RX-SA200 radio will not work if you switch to the radio unless you will also press play on the tape transport.

3 Way Power supply
The Jump players have three power supply methods. Besides the flat Rechargeable battery, you can use them with three alkaline batteries. Also, the RP-BA101 battery adaptor can add more power. It houses the batteries and even has a place to keep the earphones. And, of course, you can always use the AC adapter/charger. 

Top left: A 3 AA Battery adaptor, right next to it, the earphones holder 
3 AA Battery Case RP-BA101
Left: Battery adaptor RP-BA101. Right: RP-BA101 adoptor Attached to the unit.
Rechargeable Battery RP-BA101
The Rechargeable Battery pack attached to the main unit (top)

Promotional Ads & Catalogs
Rare Japanese Magazine Ads.
Japanese Catalog
National Rare Japanese Catalog February 1986. 

National Rare Japanese Catalog October 1986

National's attractive Reel to Reel Cassette: Side A is Blue, and the other side is Pink 
Left: National Cassettes. Right: National Rare Japanese Catalog August 1986
National Rare Japanese Catalog December 1986

National Rare Japanese Catalog March 1987
National Rare Japanese Catalog April 1987

National's  ÅNGROM  46 DU Cassette

World's first • World's only vapor deposition sound
National's ÅNGROM Cassette Rare Japanese AD.

ÅNGROM DU - Hi-Fi Deposition Tape for music
2 Major features are the conditions of Hi-Fi tape;

1) The high-frequency output is dramatically improved, and the rising treble is faithfully reproduced.

2) High noise accompanying tapes are significantly reduced, and the lingering sound is beautifully reproduced. 46 DU 70μs EQ Metal - Standard Price 1,400 Yen.

The Big Conclusion
The year is 1986, and National presented very cool new players to their lineup that, without a doubt, left the competition overwhelmed, not to mention the Japanese design award they had won for these two eye candies. The Jump flagships are impressive, with a full metal jacket and excellent built. However, these players have one downside. To make them as light as possible, National used a thin metal jacket that can easily bend with medium pressure making them fragile. Now, fast-forwarding to 2022; these are very cool players who stand the test of time with quality built and excellent sound; they are THE wet dream of every collector. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a hold of such exclusive and exquisite players. As I've mentioned earlier, they've been sold exclusively in Japan; even in Japan, they are very scarce, making it even harder to acquire one, even though it is well worth it; if I were you, I would get one to praise it in my collection. However, If you're going to get one, be prepared to shill a considerable fortune because other collectors want it as bad as you do. So good luck, cause you're probably going to need it. Please feel free to comment.


Jump RX-SA200 Radio Cassette Stereo price 38,000 yen
Economical battery rechargeable without the battery charges
with 1~12 channels TV multiplex sound
• Cassette case size. 
• 3 Bands; TV (1 to 12ch) stations / FM / AM.
• 3-way auto-reverse (2-stage switching).
• Built-in Dolby NR.
• Metal / Chrome tape playback.
• Can also be used with AA Batteries (with RP-BA101 adaptor).
• 3-way power supply method.
• Track method: Stereo.

• Frequency Response: 
Normal: 40 ~ 15,000Hz (EIAJ).
Cr02/Metal: 40 ~ 15,000Hz (EIAJ). 

• Practical maximum output: 
10 mW + 10 mW Per Chanell

• Reception frequency: 
TV; 4 to 12ch; 175 to 222MHz.
FM/TV; 1 to 3ch; 76 to 108MHz.
AM; 525 to 1,605kHz.

• Power supply: 
DC 4V (using attached battery pack).
AC 100V  50/60Hz (using AC adapter / Charger).
DC 4.5V (with optional battery adaptor RP-BA101*).
(*Uses 3 single AA batteries) 

• External dimensions: 
110.6 (width) X 70.5 (height) X 23 (28*) (depth) mm.
• Maximum external dimensions: 
113.1 (width) X 75.6 (height) X 25.1 (30. 1*) (depth) mm. 
*with Battery pack installed.

• Weight:
Approx. 190 g (main unit only).
Approx. 295 g (with battery pack installed).

• Accessories:
Rechargeable Battery Pack. 
AC Adapter/Charger.
Stereo Earphones.
Carrying Case. 

-R  Red, -K  Black, -G  Green
JUMP Accessories and options

Jump RQ-JA100 Headphone stereo standard price 27,800 yen
Unusual & Economic battery recharges can be charged repeatedly and used for about 1500 hours.
Cassette case size. 
• 3-Way Auto-reverse (2-stage switching).
• Built-in Dolby NR.
• Metal / Chrome tape playback.
• 3 power supply method.
• Track system: Stereo.

• Frequency range: 
Normal: 40 to 15,000Hz (EIAJ).
Cr02 / Metal: 40 to 15,000Hz (EIAJ). 

• Practical maximum output: 
10 mW + 10 mW Per Chanell

• Power supply: 
DC 4V (using attached battery pack).
AC 100V 50/60HZ (attached AC adapter/using charger).
DC 4.5V Using RP-BA 101 with  3x AA batteries (sold separately).

• External dimensions: 
110 (width) X 69.8 (height) X 17.5 (22.5*) (depth) mm.
• Maximum external dimensions: 
112.2 (width) X 74.6 (height) X 19.2 (24.2*) (depth) mm.
*with battery pack installed. 

• Weight: 
Approx. 155 g (Main unit only).
Approx. 260 g (with battery pack installed). 

• Rechargeable battery pack.
• AC Adapter / Charger.
• Stereo earphones.
• Carrying case.

• Color: 
-R  Red, -K  Black, -B  Blue
                  * Red and Blue are a limited quantity.
JUMP RQ-JA100 Red Version Box, back & front

JUMP RQ-JA100 Red Version unboxed
JUMP RQ-JA100 Blue & Black Version Box
 JUMP RQ-JA100 Blue & Black Version unboxed

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